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Things I've made

I like to fiddle with new technologies - sometimes I end up making things with them

Centsational Savings! -- the personal savings app

A CRUD application that allows users to track the money they spend and save by making it easy to add, edit, or delete a record of their transactions. The backend features an API built with Express and connected to MongoDB. The frontend uses React and some components from the Material UI library.

Inspired by my personal experiences of money seemingly flowing out of my bank account, rather than into it. Currently an ongoing project with all the basic functionality in place and lots of room for more complex additions.

See the repository

May 2020 - WIP

Fuel Calc -- the fuel economy app

A React app for users to compare fuel consumption of two vehicles at a given driving distance. Uses fueleconomy.gov's free API for data.

The user selects two vehicles to compare, the distance they are driving, and Fuel Calc will calculate how much gas each vehicle will use.

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Jan. 2020

JANELLE. -- the musical robot

JANELLE. is a color-sensing, music-playing robot. She was built by a team of four mechanical engineering students using Lego, laser-cut plywood, and the RobotC programming language.

I really enjoyed working on the team that built JANELLE. My main contribution was programming her behaviour. It was a chance for me to see how software can be used to move hardware.

Watch the demo

Jan.-Apr. 2019